Design & Planning

The James Sanders Nursery design and planning team has extensive experience in comprehensive community land use and green space planning, conceptual master/site planning, greenway trail planning, and residential outdoor spaces.

The design team is adept at analyzing existing environmental conditions and understanding our client’s goals and objectives to achieve sustainable and innovative landscape solutions.

Need help with your landscape or curb appeal? Consider one of the following:

Plant & Hardscape Suggestions at our Nursery Free of Charge.

Take pictures, record dimensions, and note the sun exposure or other challenges. Our trained landscape staff can assist you with selecting appropriate plantings to meet your needs and environment. This includes suggestions and recommendations, not a Landscape Design Plan.

Estimate for pre-existing design plan or known landscape material quantities Free of Charge.

On-site Landscape Consultation

$75 with one of our Landscape Architects or Senior Landscape Designers. Consultation is for maximum one hour; additional fees will apply for additional time. Our trained landscape staff will come by your property and provide you with ideas on your landscape and assist you with your next steps to implement. We will also answer any questions you have on your existing plants and lawn. This includes suggestions and recommendations, not a Landscape Design Plan.

Conceptual Landscape Design Plan & Estimate

We can assist with the conceptual layout of site elements for residential and commercial properties- including structures, driveways, walls, patios, outdoor living spaces, and plant material. Whether you need a front yard plan, outdoor living space plan, or an entire property master plan, call us for our hourly design rates and fees.

Custom Landscape Planning Projects

Large scale community and greenspace projects at an hourly design rate and/or approved design proposal based upon project scope.

Landscape Insurance Appraisals

$75 minimum for one site visit, assessment, and appraisal report.


A variety of studies reveal that landscaping can increase the value of residential and commercial property from 5% to as much as 20%.


Our landscape installation team has experience in landscape implementation from large scale commercial projects to intricate residential outdoor spaces.

Through strong project leaders, we ensure superior service and effective coordination with our clients, designers, and suppliers to complete high quality landscapes.

Our landscape services

  • Plantings
  • Lawn Establishment
  • Walls and Pavers (natural stone and modular concrete)
  • Porous Paving Systems
  • Outdoor Living Elements and Kits
  • Trellis, Pergola, and Bridge Structures
  • Edging
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Best Management Practices for Erosion Control
    • Seeding, including hydro-seeding
    • Sod
    • Slope Stabilization
  • Fencing, including ROW fence, chain link
  • Living roofs and walls


Whether you need assistance with trimming a few shrubs, seasonally cleaning up your entire landscape, or desire monthly maintenance to keep your landscape looking its best.

Our trained maintenance team will utilize proper horticulture techniques to help you with your specific needs.

Plant Material Maintenance

Mulching, trimming, leaf/debris removal, weed control, fertilizing, inspection for insects and diseases, installing seasonal color. Call for free estimate or hourly rates.

Lawn Maintenance

Mowing, fertilizer and weed program, leaf/debris removal, organic/ hybrid program available. Call for free estimate or hourly rates.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Spring start-up, Winterizing, repair, monitoring for adjustments. $75 minimum fee to access existing irrigation systems. Call for hourly rates.

Plant Assessment & Maintenance Suggestions at our Nursery

Free of Charge. Take a clipping of the affected area or plant material you would like identified. Then come to our garden center and our trained landscape/horticulture staff can assist you. We have team members with Kentucky Department of AG Pesticide Licenses and who are Certified Nurserymen.

On-site Plant Assessment & Maintenance Consultation

$75. Consultation is for maximum one hour, additional fees will apply for additional time. Our trained landscape and horticulture staff will come by your property and assist with diagnosing plant and lawn issues, as well as, providing maintenance recommendations.