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Q. How often should I water my newly planted trees and shrubs?
A. Consideration must be given to the conditions in your particular landscape, how the land lays, how it drains, etc., but in general you will want to give the plants a good deep watering 2 to 3 times per week.


Q. What are some of the best trees for planting in local landscapes?
A. There is a big push in landscaping circles to plant native species. Fortunately a lot of our native species are excellent trees. Oaks, Maples, in particular Sugar and Red Maples, Tulip Poplar, Redbud, and Serviceberry are examples of native trees that do very well in home landscapes.


Q. When should I fertilize my trees and shrubs?
Trees are typically fertilized in the Winter, usually in February. By doing so the fertilizer will filter down to the root system when it is most needed for Spring growth. With shrubs we use Azaleas as a timetable. When Azaleas in your local area finish blooming, fertilize your shrubs with an appropriate fertilizer for the variety. Then fertilize again 6 weeks later. Then one more time 6 weeks later. Doing this will keep your shrubs in optimum health and can help ward off disease and insect problems.


Q. When can I trim my shrubs?
Flowering shrubs are usually trimmed after flowering. Evergreens are trimmed in Spring, again basing the timing after Azaleas in your area have finished blooming. You don’t want any late Summer/Fall pruning that might cause new tender growth that might be hurt by an early frost. However, a ‘haircut’ can be given to even up your plants after cold weather has arrived.


Q. When should I fertilize my lawn?
We recommend a 3 Step Fertilization Program:

  1. Early Spring high Nitrogen fertilizer (with Crabgrass Preventer, if needed)
  2. Two Summer fertilizer applications (with Broadleaf Weed Killer, if needed)
  3. Winterizer (applied in Fall for a stronger root system)





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